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The expressive process of creating a work of art is an incredibly rewarding experience, especially to the soul of an artist.  

Whether I’m in the studio or out in the middle of Mother Nature’s wondrous beauty, I’ve always loved to paint. Creating meaningful artwork has always been a passion of mine.  

As a person born of Dutch and Greek immigrants, it has become increasingly fascinating for me to discover the roots of my family heritage... the traditions, the cultural celebrations, that really make us who we are!  I really feel I’ve discovered a beautiful way of telling a family story through my paintings. 

    Like everyone, I want to share my story with the rest of the world by reconnecting those family bonds through my artwork. 

    I’ve also worked with many other families bringing joy into their homes over the years by helping them reconnect with their own family heritage through my commissioned paintings.

    I’ve worked with the Chancellor family recently, and what a joy it was seeing them so happy celebrating their rich Italian heritage.  Scenes from Sicily are now proudly displayed in the living room of their home in Boise, Idaho.

    Marianne K. loves the iconic Dutch windmills I painted for her to display in her home.  “They remind me of family life growing up in The Netherlands.”  The paintings help her commemorate her heritage and also impress her new friends while living in Greece! 


    If you would like to talk about how I can help you and your family commemorate your own rich heritage through my commissioned paintings, Message me via Instagram, Facebook, or email.


The paintings of award-winning fine artist Peter L Schuller are held in private and corporate collections around the world.  His work has been featured in several exhibitions, galleries and museums throughout Southern California including California Art League, California Art Club, LPAPA, SOCALPAPA, ARTventure, Randy Higbee Gallery, The Muth Interpretive Center, Hortense Miller Garden Show,  Engard Arts, and the Laguna Beach School of Art Museum.

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