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Peter's Story

      As a first-generation American, I am deeply aware of the rich tapestry of cultural diversity that makes up our global family.  Growing up in a household where Dutch and Greek traditions coexisted, I developed a profound appreciation for the stories and experiences of those who have ventured beyond their homeland in search of new opportunities and a better life. My artwork seeks to commemorate the family heritage that transcends the geographical boundaries of these citizens of the world.  

     With meticulous attention to detail and the interplay of color, light and shadow, I aim to reveal the essence of their unique stories.  My artistic process is a deeply collaborative one. Before I begin, I explore and engage with my subject’s unique family story. This interaction provides me with invaluable insights, allowing me to infuse authenticity and empathy into each piece. In turn, I hope that my artwork serves as a mirror for viewers, resonating and encouraging them to reflect on their own cultural heritage and the experiences that have shaped their lives. By commemorating those who have chosen to live outside their native countries, I seek to foster a sense of unity and appreciation for the multicultural tapestry that makes up our world. Through the medium of oils, I aim to spark conversations about the beauty of diversity, the strength of human connection, and the universal themes of longing, belonging, and resilience.


      In a world where borders often separate us, my art stands as a testament to the enduring human spirit that transcends such boundaries. It is my hope that my work inspires viewers to recognize the shared threads of humanity that bind us all, regardless of our cultural origins, and encourages them to celebrate the remarkable stories of those who have ventured far from home in pursuit of their dreams.


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