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I feel incredibly blessed and deeply appreciative to have had the opportunity to meet, learn about, and collaborate with a wide array of individuals from all corners of the world through my commissioned artwork. Each encounter has enriched my life in unique ways, offering me a broader perspective on cultures, experiences, and stories that I might never have encountered otherwise. The diverse range of people I've worked with has not only expanded my artistic horizons but has also taught me valuable life lessons about empathy, understanding, and the power of human connection. I cherish these experiences and the friendships forged through art, forever grateful for the colorful tapestry of humanity that has woven itself into my creative journey.


So let's talk about commemorating your family's rich history, and celebrate your story for generations to come!  

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Mary Chancellor testimonial.jpg

Mary C

"Love my "Fall Leaves" painting by Peter!  It's now hanging in the living room of my new house."

Don Collie.jpeg

Don Collie

"Couldn't be happier attaining this beautiful work of art of the local Newport Back Bay." 

Patti Haas.jpeg

Patti Haas

“Pete's "Two Bridges" Dutch canal painting helps remind me of my life back in Holland while living abroad.”

Wayne Lin and Pete expanded for Testimonial_edited.jpg

Wayne Lin

“Very happy to have Peter's artwork in our corporate collection!”

Deron Ribant _ Kelley Norquist.jpg

Kelley Norquist

“Pete’s portrait of Deron is amazing! It made a great birthday gift to him!”

Bob and Adele.jpg

Bob and Adele from
The Dutch Way of Life

“Adele and I were presented with a surprise gift from our community ...  a once-in-a-lifetime honour! You cannot imagine how deeply blessed we feel to receive such a special and meaningful gift.”

Mary Easley.jpeg

Mary Easley

“I'm really happy with the commissioned portrait of my boyfriend George by Pete! He captured George's character of playing live music perfectly!”

Maureen H Kortleven.jpeg

Maureen H. Kortleven

"My Commissioned oil painting of me 40 years ago in Volendam by Peter is absolutely memorable!  He brought back that lovely memory to me forever!!!  Thank you Peter!!!"

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